The Company

Ed Rutherford, Designer & Founder

From its beginning in 1982, Waterline Yachts has been dedicated to the design and construction of the finest steel sailing and motor yachts. A philosophy of constant improvements, evolution of design and building technique has been the foundation on which each boat is built.

Building a Waterline Yacht is a collaboration of an owner’s inspiration and ideas, the designer’s creative interpretations, and the builder’s fine execution. The process begins with a time for discussion of features, large and small, that makes the boat unique and special for each owner. Drawings are then produced to reflect the design changes and the equipment specifications are fine-tuned. The process remains dynamic and open throughout the construction of the boat. Through exploration of new ideas combined with the tried and true, the next evolution of Waterline is born. Our success with this approach affords our customers great satisfaction with their investment, from concept to sail-away.