Mega yachts for excusive customers

(6 Mar 2013)
March 5th, 2013 – Dubai
1. Wide shot of Dubai Marina skyline and boats in foreground
2. Mid shot of boats
3. View from boat of show and skyscrapers
4. Tilt down buildings to boats
5. Zoom into boat
6. Girl walking along deck
7. Exterior of Trinity-built Sapphire
8. Wide of sitting room
9. Wide of master bedroom
10. Mid of bathroom
11. Close of gold fittings in bathroom
12. Exterior of superyacht Smeralda now owned by the Dubai Royal Family
13. Set up of Dr Rainer Behne, chairman of Behne Mar Middle East
14. Close of picture
15. Various of pool and deck area
16. SOUNDBITE: (English) Dr Rainer Behne, chairman of Behne Mar Middle East:
“As we always say, this yacht is like a house. If you berth her somewhere it completely replaces your private home.”
17. Gulf Craft boat – main living room
18. Close up of table
19. Outdoor table
20. Master bedroom
21. Various shots of of Erwin Bamps, chief operating officer for Gulf Craft
22. SOUNDBITE: (English) Erwin Bamps, chief operating officer for Gulf Craft:
“I find that the clients are looking for comfort. They are looking for a real estate experience and not so much for a marine experience. A lot of the new clientele are not even sure they will get seasick and they don’t want to find out on your yacht, and I don’t want them to realise that either. So they are concerned about their comfort and their guests and they want to be able to spend more time on board. That’s why they are so concerned, they really want to see it as an extension of their life not just for an hour or two or an afternoon.”
20. Deck area
21. Jacuzzi and sun beds
22. Set up of Michael Howorth, Maritime journalist for the Financial Times
23. Jacuzzi
24. SOUNDBITE: (English) Michael Howorth, Maritime journalist for the Financial Times:
“You have to ask yourself “what are we doing it for?”. Why are we building boats for goodness sake if they don’t want them? It reminds me almost of shifting a villa from one caravan park to another. Maybe we should just go into the recreational vehicle business.”
25. Boats in marina
26. Sales people at superyacht builders Kaiserwerft stand
27. Close up of model of superyacht
28. Superyacht stands
29. Various of models of superyachts
30. Salesmen sitting on sofa
31. Couple talking to salesman
32. Close up of girls in sailor hats at stand
33. Wide shot of stand, men shaking hands
34. Set up of Theo Hooning, secretary general SYBAss which represents superyacht builders
35. Cutaway of boat show
36. SOUNDBITE: (English) Theo Hooning, secretary general SYBAss which represents superyacht builders:
“If you want to have, as Chinese (do) a big lounge to enjoy yourself with the family and play games etc. that’s a different way from the standard American would do, who would much more enjoy being outside doing watersports and being near the water. But a superyacht can do both as you can make it as you wish.”
37. Creator of Iguana walking past amphibious boat
38. Cutaway of sign
39. SOUNDBITE: (French) Antone Brugidou, founder, CEO of Iguana:
“With everything becoming more congested boat owners don’t want to rely on a marina or jetty to get their boat into the water, they want to be able to drive it in from a beach particularly in this part of the world.”
40. Various of people in bar
41. Large boat with skyline behind
42. People motoring on small boat past marina
43. Wide of boats
44. Tilt up from reflection to boats and skyline
The Dubai International Boat Show has opened amid signs that the global economic downturn has not affected the appetite for luxury super yachts.

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