Bow Pulpit - Bow Spirit

Bow Pulpits of Teak or Mahogany are individually designed to fit your watercraft. We can use a pulpit design, fabricated in Fiberglass, as a model, and reproduce it in Teak.

We can reproduce any fiberglass bow pulpit in teak. We will attempt to design the teak pulpit to look as if part of the original design rather than an afterthought.

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We will fabricate a variety of other types of custom tables based on your requirements. Keep in mind that the price will vary based on the product, labor and production date required.

Bow Pulpit / Spirit

Pulpits / Spirit are fabricated in 2" thick X 1 1/8" wide Teak sections. Stainless steel rods and marine epoxy hold the sections together.
All metal is polished stainless steel. We leave a chase for electrical to allow for lighting.
For Euro style bows, we fabricate a wedge to support the pulpit straight, like with Sea Ray and Bayliner, Chaperal, etc.

To Order

E- mail or call us with the:
Length and Width preferred, thickness will minimum of 2"
Type and size of anchor, wench or not, type of wood
Preference in style (how many rollers) Photo of one that you like
Photo of bow where the pulpit will be located

Reproducing a Bow Pulpit from a Fiberglass Bow Pulpit

If you send a fiberglass bow pulpit to use as template we will redesign it to work as a solid teak bow pulpit.