Teak Swim Platform

Custom Teak Swim Platforms

We custom build our swim platforms.  We can build any size and style you want.

All teak, for platforms, is straight cut with the strongest part of the teak, the edge grain, running the full length of the platform. It is fabricated by hand in our shop section by section, using 3” stainless steel screws fitted internally and west systems marine epoxy. West systems epoxy is water proof and does not release. If you have a curved transom the platforms are bent to fit your transom of your watercraft.

Finished with 4 saturation coats of our own penetrating teak oil that are applied hot, wiped down between each coat and allowed to dry 24 hours between each coat, thus the oil dries beneath the surface and not on the surface. If the transom of your watercraft is curved, we will need a tracing.

In building a curved platform, we make a solid wood template of your transom, and your platform is formed and fitted to this template. This is to insure proper fit and clean lines when attached to your watercraft.
Whether ordering a curved platform from us or others it is to your best interest to make a template of the transom of your watercraft.
This is done by obtaining a roll of brown paper, from a hardware, generally in the paint section, and tracing the curve of your transom or existing platform, noting the position of your existing supports.