Teak Oil Finish

Teak Oil Finish

Unfinished Teak Bow Pulpit

Finished with teak oil -Teak Bow Pulpit

There is only one way to get the end results you want from your teak, whether you want a varnish finish or an oil finish it is all the same.

The process can’t be compromised if you want the results.

Close ups of finished teak with WFW Teak Oil Finish Process

Remember the basics:


Finish all surfaces,

Minimum 24 hours to dry between coats.

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If you follow these instructions you will have a first class finished teak product because you will have done the basic finishing that will determine the life of the item you have bought.

    1. 1. Find a well ventilated location that your item can dry in for the next 3 – 5 days. For Oil or varnish the basic process is the same.
    2. 2. Wipe all dust and contamination off the teak using mineral spirits, odorless if possible.
    3. 3. Let dry while you get the first coat ready. I am going to use teak oil for this particular application.
    4. 4. Brush on a soaking coat of teak oil on all surfaces of the teak item.

Let set for ten minutes, then dry off all remaining teak oil with a soft cloth.

Teak oil is volatile so after you finish put the cloth in a zip lock bag and seal it for use tomorrow .

Let the teak dry for 24 hours (minimum).

1. Complete Item 4, two more times being careful to allow 24 hours drying time in between coats.

    1. 2. On the fourth coat, use the teak oil like a furniture polish.

Apply a fourth and fifth coat allowing 24 hours between each.

1. When you finish, soak the fabric that has teak oil in it in water at least overnight before disposing of it properly.

Now you have completed the hard part. From now on about every 4 to 6 months, wipe down your teak and apply a polishing coat of teak oil. In most weather conditions it will retain a smooth finish as long as the process is kept up. It is waterproof and you have completely sealed the wood, so no damage should occur.

Varnish finishes, polyurethane etc. all are treated the same way, same coats, in some cases and environments they either last longer or not. Your call. The process is the same, except these finishes are brushed or sprayed on.